Mooney Pottie puts sparkles on her science-class diagrams of fallopian tubes, which isn't the only reason that everyone in the small Nova Scotia town of New Waterford regards her as a bit mental. A wildly imaginative 15-year-old, Mooney lopes around town with her face in a book and her long-limbed body wrapped in thick oversized sweaters and ankle-length skirts. As played by newcomer Liane Balaban, whose dark-haired pre-Raphaelite beauty could stop traffic in Nolita, she looks like a Brontë or Yeats heroine—those are clearly her role models despite her talent for foul-mouthed repartee. Mooney is determined to get out of New Waterford, and when her parents forbid her to accept a scholarship to an art school in New York, she comes up with a plan of escape that's "devious,... More >>>