"This is where it all happens," Saul Fletcher says, ushering me into a large, sparsely furnished room on the second story of his house on London's northern outskirts. The 20 haunting photos in his third show at Anton Kern (558 Broadway, through October 14) were taken here or in the adjoining bedroom over the previous year, most of them in front of a long, formerly white wall that serves as both backdrop and canvas. The first floor of the house has been handsomely renovated in the two years since he moved in with his wife and two young children, but this space was left unfinished so he could use it as a refuge and a staging ground for his meticulously planned pictures. When he's not busy executing them, "I sit there all day," he says in his charming North Country accent, indicating an old chair in the alcove of an impressive bow window nonchalantly draped in a white bedsheet. "I come up here in the morning and I sit there with me glasses on and me book and just sketch things and write things down and listen to music. I've never done that before, but it kind of fitted and it got me to where I wanted to be. And I don't go out. I stopped drinking, so I don't see nobody. I don't play golf; I just do this.... More >>>