Fatboy Slim's new single "Sunset (Bird of Prey)" isn't the first time Jim Morrison's ghost has haunted dancefloors. Back in 1992, Acen's "Close Your Eyes" plucked some ominous exhortations—"Forget your name. . . . Go insane"—from the Doors' gloriously portentous and pretentious song cycle "The Celebration of the Lizard" and created a darkside anthem for hardcore ravers. Featuring samples from a bootleg of the Lizard King's poetry, "Sunset" is altogether less Dionysian—closer to a Gerard Manley Hopkins reverie than Rimbaud'n'roll. Morrison gazes longingly at the soaring raptor, dreamily croons "gently pass on by," then changes his plea to "take me on your flight." Riding Norman Cook's backing track—a trancey grid of fluorescent pulses as ear-dazzling as Vasarely's Op Art—the looped phrase "flying high" is the hook that will snag the ravers' brains, lift them right up there with the... More >>>