I love the flamers of art history—the hysterics, hell-raisers, tantrum throwers, and storm birds. Artists who bring transgressive subject matter and flamboyant personalities into close contact; who are always on about something; whose emotions are messy, even if their art is neat; who are so full of their own feelings that targets cease to matter. More than wackos or crackpots, they're checks and balances built into a system that skews sanctimonious at the drop of a dogma. I'm thinking of Dalí, George Grosz, or early Kusama. More recently, there's R. Crumb, Paul Thek, Sean Landers, Paul McCarthy, Tracey Emin—though I like the idea of her work more than the work—maybe the Chapmans and Vito Acconci, and certainly the late greats Dieter Roth and Jack Smith. I'd add the maharishi Martin Kippenberger, except he lacks the crucial... More >>>