I haven't figured out yet whether 2000 was the Year of the Dog or the Year of the Pussy. The Lick Song of the Year is Trina's "I Need" ("I want a nigga who'll lick the clit"—though she's clearly someone who will accept a variety of licks: "I'm a first-class hoe, money in my stash-ho/Fast hoe, love it when you lick the asshole/And if you wanna pass go, I need 20 grand or better"). Honorable mention to Lil' Kim and Sisqó for "88 Licks About 44 Dogs" or whatever they call it. In general this has been as good a lick year as any since Roxanne Shanté laid down the law of the lick in 1992: "It ain't about a nigga beatin' me/It's all about a nigga treatin' me... More >>>