Vengeance. That's the motivation rumbling below the New York University women's basketball season like subways roaring beneath the downtown campus. No one on the squad mentions it much, but it surges into consciousness at the slightest provocation. Ask coach Janice Quinn—the fiery NYU alum who was the school's first 1000-point scorer and who, as coach, is poised to win her 300th game this year—whether she's still smarting from . . . and before you can finish the question, she's answering, "Sure. Sure. Sure," and slapping her glass-topped desk in rhythmic emphasis. The team wants a shot at the NCAA championship. Not too much to ask, given their stellar record—15-1, with the lone loss coming at the hands of three-time defending champ and unflinching rival Washington University of St. Louis—and given that the Violets were national... More >>>