"I gotta world I'm making in my own image." Ntozake Shange's words, printed billboard-big on a room-divider panel just beyond this show's first gallery, address every artist's compelling need to claim, define, and realize a uniquely personal vision. Shange might be speaking for the 94 black photographers included in "Committed to the Image," each of whom gotta world, and who come together not for bland consensus but for an eloquent, engaging, even argumentative conversation. Though shows organized by gender, location, or ethnicity tend to be polemical and homogenized, the emphasis here is on individuality and variety, on distinctive voices and passionate visions. The result is far from coherent but surprisingly vivid; instead of a neatly packaged digest of the black experience, the curators immerse us in a multifaceted experience of blackness—many worlds made... More >>>