Here's how it works: You book a suite at L'Ermitage, or the Four Seasons, or some other hotel in Los Angeles; you set up a rack with 40 or so dresses of your own design, or 100 pairs of shoes, or a few million dollars worth of diamonds, and you wait. You wait for a stylist, who invariably shows up at lunch- or dinnertime eyeing the room service menu, then picks over your creations and, if you're lucky, borrows a few things to show whatever ultra-glamorous actress he or she is providing with free dresses for the big night. Then you cross your fingers and pray that when the limo pulls up to the Shrine Auditorium, your TV will justify the time and money you spent sitting around for a week sucking up to stylists, agents, and occasionally even a stray star herself: Your gown, your spike heels, your necklace will come traipsing down the red carpet, and someday, not too far off, your name will resonate with the power of... More >>>