Threaded throughout Film Forum's encyclopedic 50-film "NYPD" series are broad hints that the cops-'n'-crooks genre adores what it means to stamp out. Though policing ostensibly aims to reinstitute civic rectitude, film cop and film viewer alike crave temptation—the daily ethical battle of every urbanite is the policeman's struggle with the lure of graft, the enveloping gravity of sleaze. Every iteration of the city offers endless chances to misread one's moral compass: the immigrants-and-machines metropolis of the Depression; the noir nightworld of the '40s; the decaying, toothless giant of the '70s; even the Disneyfied glamorama of today. It's not the solution we cherish; it's the tools we discover along the way that enable us to render city life legible by laying bare its... More >>>