That movement is political goes almost without saying: Why else would the Khmer Rouge regime have killed, or banished to stoop labor, more than 90 percent of Cambodia's dance artists in the late '70s? Action, offstage and on, can telegraph information about gender, sexuality, social class, or religion. Now touring North America for the first time since 1990, "Dance: The Spirit of Cambodia" is an elaborate program of classical and folk dances reconstructed in the 20 years since political violence nearly wiped out a thousand-year-old tradition. Presented by the New England Foundation for the Arts, Lisa Booth Management, and the Asia Society, the project glitters with recovered grandeur. On opening night at the Joyce, it enthralled even those bewildered by it. The exotic curves of hands and feet, of torsos and epaulets and headgear, signaled a universe of preternatural calm in the face of... More >>>