When did the riot grrrl moment end? Was it when the term first appeared in Sassy? When Courtney Love started using lipliner? When Mr. Lady Kathleen Hanna started dating Mr. Boy Adam Horowitz even though all he really wanted was grrrls to do the dishes and grrrls to do the laundry? The answer is: D: none of the above. The grrrls never really went away—they just matured from being feral cats to an older, yet still-wily variety. In the early '90s, they were cheerleaders out of control. They had a desire to be the loudest, brashest thing in the room, and a strange ambition to chant in perfect unison. They were exclusionary and catty, and proud of it. In the past year, Ladyfest, a female-run music festival that originated in Olympia, Washington, and that hosts its first New York installment this weekend, has become kind of a hippie-mom version of the riot grrrl aesthetic, fashioning that "fuck you, I hate you, la la la" feeling into a self-reliant community, complete with radical-feminist workshops, spoken-word slams, and good... More >>>