A goat loiters in a shady corner of its rough-hewn pen, dodging wayward chickens and the persistent late-July sun. Crops planted in rows fan out from the family house and down toward the two-lane blacktop beyond the rise of the hill. Beneath the trees that skirt the yellow, three-story barn in the clearing, slow-motion bees mill and flirt. From a door at the top of a steep flight of stairs, a medium-sized Thai man of about 60 emerges and descends into the yard. For the first time in several seasons, he has nothing to do but wait. Inside the yellow building, the man's wife, his daughter, and a half dozen dedicated workers are finishing up final chores on the family's long-awaited harvest: splicing in shots of computer-generated warriors in 16th-century Burmese battle-garb and adjusting the... More >>>