'We came in a few hundred short of what we did last year—we were essentially flat. Which was great!' Says Chris Brosius, co-owner of Demeter, a perfumerie on Second Avenue in the east village that sells scents with names like funeral home and sticky toffee pudding. Financially speaking, 'flat' is not usually something to crow about, but these are tough times in the East Village, where quirky shops are battling twin dragons: the city's dreary economic situation and the psychological aftermath of September 11. "When it first happened, I thought Jesus God Almighty, but really things have been OK for us," Brosius says. "Of course, from the wholesale perspective, the story is less happy—any new business we had planned went up in smoke." Brosius is convinced that a whiff of Dirt or Green Tomatoes (prices start at $15) is just what a shattered city needs. "The traditional fragrance business is in a bad way. At least the things we do make people feel happy. With us, you walk away with a smile. You never walk away from Calvin Klein... More >>>