As we sheepishly asked for forks, the motherly waitress smirked: "In Honduras, we eat those with our hands." She was referring to the enchiladas ($3 for two). If you were dining in a Mexican restaurant, you'd call them tostadas—corn tortillas fried flat and heaped with ground beef au jus, cubed potatoes, shredded cabbage and carrots, purple onions, and, at the whim of the preparer, crumbled cheese and crema, the pourable sour cream preferred everywhere south of the Rio Grande. As if that weren't enough, the contraption is flooded with an oily red Creole sauce bobbing garlic, green peppers, and onions. This glorious mess screams out for a little heat, but when you lift the red plastic bottle from the table and aim it toward the enchilada, what squirts out... More >>>