The first thing you'll notice when you pick up this collection of 1960s African market literature from the eastern Nigerian town of Onitsha is that it's a virtual riot: the outlandish, overgrown, even incomprehensible language (dubbed "Mad English" or "Young English"); the bizarre cover art and fractured typography (replicated here in irresistible facsimiles); the hodgepodge of literary genres and styles (from romance and adventure to moral instruction); the bold pen names of authors like Okenwa Olisah (a/k/a "Your Popular Author, The Strong Man of the Pen" and "Master of the Universe"), or C.N.O. Moneyhard, or the writer simply known as Speedy Eric. And then there are the titles: "Money Hard To Get But Easy To Spend," "Drunkards Believe Bar As Heaven," "Why Harlots Hate Married Men and Love Bachelors," and "Mabel the Sweet Honey... More >>>