Reissues and reclamation projects are the oxygen in which jazz, as a living art, breathes. They are the classics, benchmarks, standards, soul, and history of the music. They are proof that an improvised art can defy time; an excuse or demand for re-evaluation; a prize for the curious, the nostalgic, the acquisitive; and an economic security blanket for record companies that can't count on the sales of contemporary artists to satisfy their distributors or stockholders. Skeptics bewail the constant recycling of the old and reliable, rightly so when the only excuse is pointless tampering—like those embarrassing remixes by Rudy Van Gelder that are sabotaging his reputation as well as the music he so brilliantly documented. Novices complain at the number of reissues, though 20 years after the CD juggernaut many important performances have never been digitalized—try to find Teddy Wilson's "Blues in C-Sharp Major," Stan... More >>>