Yes, Mr. Congressman, I'm ready to testify. No, honestly, I had no intention of thinking about Enron when I went into the theater that night. My only intention was to see Kevin Bacon in a new one-person play. The playwright? I'd heard that she was serious and intelligent. I hadn't previously seen any of her plays. No, I wouldn't say I'd seen one now. The piece at the Roundabout isn't a play—it's an inert, loosely strung lump of narrative prose. I suppose it might be believable in print—people believe anything that's in print, don't they? Enron's stockholders believed the company's annual reports; even the board's audit committee believed them. See, there I go again. I can't explain it. When a prosperous nonprofit theater produces a pointless play on Broadway, I just naturally start thinking about Enron. I suppose it's a kind of... More >>>