China and Japan are the poles of Gotham's Asian culinary universe. It is impossible to walk more than a block or two without bumping into a spot purveying food from one or the other. Yet as often as we crack open chopsticks and chow down, we rarely juxtapose the two at one meal. Culinary fusion just hasn't gotten that far. Situated near the Queens County Courthouse in Forest Hills, Show Win, a/k/a Kaki Toku, offers a rare opportunity to compare the yang and yin of the two styles, a distinction highlighted by two separate dining rooms—a utilitarian Chinese side boasting varnished tables and the ethnic touch of an over-the-bar altar to the Kitchen God, and a more culturally evocative Japanese area with a polished sushi bar and several tatami rooms set out around an interior courtyard paved with river stones. But what's equally remarkable is that the spot offers the best example of either cuisine in its... More >>>