A long time ago, in a reality far, far away, a certain legendary hippie freedom fighter lobbed a cunning little think bomb at the publishing industry of his day. The bomb was a book, a bestselling how-to manual for the author's fellow revolutionaries, loaded with practical tips on copping dope, constructing Molotov cocktails, incapacitating riot police, defrauding record-of-the-month clubs, and otherwise hastening the downfall of the Pig Empire. Incendiary stuff for sure, and no doubt the 30-plus publishing houses that rejected the manuscript (before the author finally published it himself) did so well-advised by their own freaked-out legal departments. But probably nothing advocated in the pages of the book rattled publishers as much as the advice framed, famously, in its title. In an era when the book business could still barely admit it was a business—let alone contemplate the overthrow of its 300-year-old business... More >>>