Annual uptown destination for hardcore celluloid fetishists, the New York Film Festival's "Views From the Avant-Garde" ushers the humble cinematheque experience into the big-screen, high-fidelity environs of the Walter Reade. The militaristic term "avant-garde" may mislead tyros; it implies cutting-edge radicals pushing formal boundaries into uncharted territory. Much contemporary experimental film presents the opposite. Akin to microcinematic offerings by venues like the San Francisco Cinematheque or the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, "Views" favors eccentric, subtle, and often gentle one-artist creations. Working with established art-school methods like found-footage collage, emulsion-scratching, and hand-processing, the filmmakers look backward more than forward, and inward more than out. Crypto-recidivists of the digital revolution, they employ self-consciously antique techniques to suss out moments of quiet wonder. The goal is not... More >>>