Hey kids! Do you like Tombstone® frozen pizza? (It's morbidly delicious!) How about video games designed by Activision®, such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater® 4 and Street Hoops™? And week-long internships that pay $10,000—are you down with those? If you answered "yes" or "whatever" to two or more of those questions, you're in luck. After conducting a survey that revealed 47 percent of teen boys believe "tester for new video games" is the "ultimate" summer job (36 percent of girls picked "personal shopper at a major clothing store," boring!), the aforementioned companies decided to sponsor a contest in which the winner takes home 10 large after five short days of playing unreleased titles. "Instead of putting together a résumé or filling out countless applications," explains Kraft Pizza's senior associate brand manager, Lara Warren, "teens can just look under the label of specially marked Tombstone pizzas to see if they've nabbed their dream job." Take it from me—this column came inside of a box of... More >>>