Finally, a place that's perfect for acts of debauchery only permissible in college. The Royale's bland Irish-pub exterior is trumped by its dimly lit red decor—crimson banquettes, a zebra-print DJ booth, and plastic palm trees create an inviting sex den. The two-room affair brims with the most racially diverse and lively non-hipster crowd to be caught grazing this side of Williamsburg on a Friday night. Dreadlocked, clean-cut guys and primped ladies flirtatiously groove to funky soul, old- and new-skool hip-hop, and reggae as they down killer drinks on the cheap. An almondy, tequila-laden Matador martini ($7) makes revelers shimmy on the dancefloor while thrifty drinkers purchase "the bucket" (five seven-ounce bottles of Rolling Rock, $7) in anticipation of a long night. If you find yourself playing tongue twister with a handsome beau or lass, you're sure to... More >>>