From the Beach Boys to Peter Brown, from Enigma to Shikhee—a Bangladeshi young woman who records, mostly solo, as "Android Lust"—the bedroom, cubicle, and closet have generated a free-roaming style of musical intimacy. In it, interior-minded young people vent their wants, passions, dreams, and fears (and the rhythms of each), an intimacy different from that of romantic crooners but no less revealing. Vince Aletti, writing about Enigma's Michael Cretu in these pages, has called this "good vibrations" music. Vibrations? The term suggests something disembodied: a buzz sent from afar, an orchestral impressionism surrounding or propping up a diffuse center. So it is with The Dividing, Shikhee's debut CD. The center of it is Shikhee's voice—a tiny soprano shriek, icy in tone. A mouse of a voice, hiding in its... More >>>