One of the happier features of my life is my membership in a small film discussion group we call the Sons of Hugo Haas, but from its inception I've found myself feeling humiliated at our meetings too: It shames me to find out how judgmental about movies I am compared to the others. They love movies the way Dante loved Beatrice, or at least the way Casanova loved women. I'm in love with movies too but I'm always finding a given one less than ideal. It's not just that the glass is half-empty, but that it's dirty, and the water in it should have been something else. This tendency to judge and compare makes me feel spiritually embarrassed. So this is another reason I'm grateful to Robert Bresson. His work makes it possible for there to be movies about which I have no reservations. He is incomparable. (Well, there's Godard, but that's... More >>>