In the early '90s, just as grunge began overflowing from underground to mainstream, Jelly-fish happened. The San Francisco Krofft-rockers could rock as hard as their northern neighbors, but they put more effort into tunes and hooks and arrangements and production and presentation, and those predilections meant their sublimely ridiculous outfits and art-pop anthems never got beyond a few late-night MTV airings before their bubblegum bubble burst. Then things started happening: Original guitarist Jason Falkner went solo, and worked with Air. Keyboardist Roger Manning Jr. recorded and toured with Beck, and still does sessions with hipsters aplenty. Drummer-singer Andy Sturmer's credits showed up in the strangest places (Japan, Sweden, an Ozzy album). Last year, Jellyfish were feted with a four-disc box—pretty cool for an overlooked band who'd... More >>>