You don't want to see Denise* on your block. Nobody does. She's a homeless crack addict. And a hooker. Her erratic gait looks something like the concentrated strut of a runway model, but with end-stage Parkinson's. On the street, it's known as the "crack dance." Denise arches her spine way back, which accentuates the pipe sticking out of her bra. She's jerking around, shifting from one hip to the other, her eyes lolling back while she tries to ask you for a quarter to make a phone call. She looks like she might pass out at any moment. She's way too out of it, even, to take a sandwich from Nightworks, a nearly three-year-old outreach initiative of FROST'D (From Our Streets With Dignity), which has been providing health care, condoms, and clean needles to street... More >>>