The Spiders are a metalglam band as opposed to a glammetal band—the difference being that glammetal bands are hairmetal bands that dress in spandex and incorporate the vocal extravagances of the '70s, while metalglam bands are glam bands that insert the dark chords of modern metal. The advantage of being metalglam is that you can take it as a given that you're to be stagy, showy, and ridiculous. Another advantage: People don't walk up to you and say, "You sound like an '80s hair-metal band." A third advantage is there's only one of you—the Spiders—so you get to invent the genre. (Sure, once upon a time all glam bands were metal bands—my new roommate sophomore year saw me unloading my Mott and Dolls records and said, "So, you're a heavy metal fan?"—but that was '70s metal of boogie and clomp, which no... More >>>