Even the nastiest cineaste on your holiday shopping list can be won over by the right DVD; your job is to find it. In the spirit of our annual record shopping guide (see page 100), we tried to help find the best place downtown to buy what you need. It turns out that DVD prices vary even more widely than those for CDs, and outlets that reliably undercut the chains on music prices, like J&R, can't be counted on to offer the best prices for movies. Availability is an even bigger problem; super-discounters like Discorama will almost always have the lowest price on a given title, but their inventory is sparse. Virgin and J&R keep heaps of Criterion goodies in a special section, but Tower, which scatters them, sells them for less. And while helpful sales clerks all over town will offer to order anything you want, if you're going to wait you might as well buy it online, either through a discount site like alldirect.com or by using a shopping bot (we tried shopping.com). Below, some highlights of likely gifts (except Shoah—yeesh), with Web prices omitted if we found a better price... More >>>