Like her heroines, Melissa James Gibson is an intelligent woman who's let graduate school take over her life. Jen and Sallie will never finish their dissertations. Jen, who rejects all words that allude to even transient relationships (she refuses to call her boyfriend her boyfriend), has been studying ways to construct strangers' identities by searching through their garbage. ( "She believes that what we discard is of much greater interest than what we keep," says her nonboyfriend, Karl.) Since she can't do so without the strangers' permission, an ethical necessity in academia, "her dissertation is now garbage." Sallie is writing about alternatives to standard narrative structure, works that run end-middle-beginning or middle-middle-middle instead of beginning-middle-end. Interestingly, as her boyfriend, Lyle, remarks, "she has trouble finishing things." Instead she fixates on the minutiae of her encounters with her adviser, whom she's attracted to but doesn't... More >>>