Labels are pretty spineless, aren't they? (Bye-bye, promo copies . . . ) Anything that "falls between stools" confounds marketing departments . . . don't call us, we'll call you, OK? Which is probably why the Junior Boys—Canadians Jeremy Greenspan, Johnny Dark, and Matt Didimus—waited so long for a deal. Call them blue-eyed garage or swingbeatclash, but just don't call them IDM: The two EPs released so far on England's very brave KIN are a tantalizing introduction to the JBeez aesthetic. "High Come Down" is the not at all impossible meeting place between Hall & Oates and Timbaland. "Birthday" rigs up a rainy-day 2step pattern and chills it the most with nuvo wavo romanticism. "Last Exit" bristles with thickets of beats as spiny and spare as those of the new darkside U.K. garage, but the bruised fruit vocal hiding within... More >>>