Nowadays, the Neptunes are as famous as most of the rich men they've made richer, and even if omnipresent video sidekick Pharrell Williams gets more small-screen time than male enhancement ads, it's hard to argue he and his reticent partner Chad Hugo don't deserve rock star status. If we weren't in a recession and if the rest of the world didn't hate us, you could say the Neptunes' moneyed, party-hearty synth-bounce was the soundtrack for a moneyed, party-hearty zeitgeist of sorts, which maybe it still is. As it stands, they're just the priciest, most recognizable beat aesthetes in the world. And though they can't quite do whatever they want—hit-making still looms large on their to-do list—how they use their power and smarts will have a decent-sized impact on nothing less than the... More >>>