There are all kinds of Lenten sacrifices. As a kid I used to swear off reading Baby-Sitters Club books or vow not to fight with my sister, and meanwhile my Catholic-school classmates and I would joke about giving up homework or broccoli or (gasp!) going to Mass. Unfortunately, this diversionary tactic—"I'm giving up paying the rent, ha ha!"—does not work for adults, and when I graduated to more grown-up fasts I encountered other stumbling blocks. Sacrificing desserts put a damper on my social life (nobody wants to be around the girl who turns down cheesecake), and it also felt like cheating—a New Year's resolution to lose weight disguised as religious discipline. The year I gave up coffee, I discovered that six weeks of cranky caffeine-withdrawal did nothing to edify the spirit. So this year I was determined to come up with a Lenten sacrifice that reflected the circumstances of my adult life without adversely affecting my relationships or concealing ulterior motives. I needed an entirely expendable luxury, something I would miss but not physically crave; something I could return to on Easter Sunday without... More >>>