More Billy Joel fans in more harbor bars will hear Kenny Chesney's album (which has better singing and drumming) than the Hold Steady's (which has more words) this summer, so it's appropriate that Kenny, too, deals with both topics: the former in a song where "Only the Good Die Young" and "Jack and Diane" remind him of dead buddies and 50-yard lines; the latter in a lovely end-of-August '70s-Springsteen facsimile where "Cleveland" rhymes with "In the mornin' I'm leavin'." There's also a staggeringly blurry-eyed hangover waltz; a restless marriage song recited like Tom Petty's "Here Comes My Girl"; the best hit since Bob Seger about a woman hitting the road with a man's American Express; and a wonderfully sympathetic ballad about a ladder-climbing mom who's a "gopher and a chauffeur and a... More >>>