If you're going to see Jeff Mills spin, thank the heavens that he'll be in an enclosed DJ booth, as the Detroit techno guru has been known to literally toss the records over his back after he's finished with them. His mixing is somewhat sloppy, but what he lacks in accuracy he gains in speed and innovation. The opposite of the long, fluid meld (say, like Sasha), a Mills's mix is disjointed, erratic, and infused with an energy that few other DJs can manage. The visit of Mills, co-founder of the legendary label Underground Resistance, to Avalon is a return to one of his former haunts, as he was a resident of the Limelight back in the day when regular DJs didn't have to play progressive trance or some other saccharine crap to please the masses. Think about it: Can you even imagine a Detroit techno DJ as a resident at a major New York club in this day and age? Didn't think so. How... More >>>