On the cover of the Libertines' self-titled second album, singer-guitarists Carl Barât and Pete Doherty sit shoulder-to-shoulder displaying their tattoos of the band's name. Barât's is on his left bicep, Doherty's on his left forearm, just below the crook of the elbow, a fine place for a needle. They're in a pub outside London on October 8, 2003, after a show celebrating Doherty's release from prison, where he had served one month for burgling Barât's apartment, presumably to finance his heroin and crack habit. Two final details tell the rest: beneath Doherty's Libertines tattoo is a skull-and-crossbones, for a rock 'n' roll pirate is he to the death. And though you can't see it in the cropped picture on the booklet, just off to the right an unidentified man thrusts his arms into the frame. He has written "Pete" and "Carl" across the knuckles of each hand, like... More >>>