So he's back. Presumably with another multi-platinum bitch. The kracka you love to hate. Only don't hate Eminem because he's white. Hate him because he's the only free man in commercial hiphop. (As Lauryn is the only woman who's taken Ntozake Shange's advice and found god in herself and is loving her fiercely.) Hate him because he's the only man in hiphop not burdened with representing the 'hood and black sex to hiphop's prime real estate, the vanilla suburbs. Hate him because he gets paid by the industry to be whimsical and personal. Free to be Em when such whimsical and personal negro geniuses as Beans, Vast Aire, Jean Grae, and Prince Po got to mine the more-freelance-than-free hiphop underground. Of course they're free too—free to never be seen on a Viacom-owned negro entertainment station, free to never get played on hiphop radio. But this is a price negroes must pay when their music can't... More >>>