OK, OK, I hear you telling me to get over it, but I can't. I've spent the month since November 2 sulking, seeking comfort in music I pretty much know by heart. My only pretense to doing my job is that this happens to be box set season, a time of year when there tends to be less curiosity about new jazz releases than about previously unissued alternate takes. Box sets come in various shapes and sizes, and their impracticality extends to the problem of where the hell to put them. Since everyone detested longboxes, the standard has become either Mosaic's massive tombstones or cube markers of the sort that Columbia has chosen for its Miles Davis series, which though less commemorative, at least have the advantage of fitting on the shelf with your other CDs. Where the industry thinks boxes belong is under the tree. What to get that jazz fan on your list who already has everything? How about what he already has, in deluxe editions with... More >>>