The trend of nightclubs turning into hotels—and hotels taking the place of nightclubs—continues. Glo, the new meatpacking district spot that opened last Tuesday in the old Powder space after a supposed $5 million renovation, now looks like a tacky Miami art deco hotel. The white walls with Jetson curves would have been cool were it not for the carpeting (who has carpeting?) and the impression a bellhop would appear at any moment. Instead, waiters arrived toting oddly shaped metal trays lit up with multicolored bulbs (it's called Glo, so everything has to glow, get it?). Even more disturbing than the mostly vile hors d'oeuvres were the little video screens flashing advertising in the middle of each tray. You can thank catering company Allure for this new development, which will allow event sponsors to pitch you as you pick up your drinks. It was a... More >>>