Ever the iconoclast, Artie Shaw lent his name to a ghost band while he was still alive. That was in 1984, 30 years after he put away his clarinet for good. By the early '90s, along with "Begin the Beguine" and "Frenesi," the band's Berklee grads were pumping out medleys of Basie, Miller, and Goodman for senior citizens, sucked into a nostalgic dipsy-doodle that Shaw himself avoided by retiring from music to devote full time to his pretensions (who else would have prefaced a chapter in his autobiography about losing his virginity with a quote from Shakespeare?). Leaving the game early cost him in the end; following his death last month, the tabloid obits focused on his marriages to movie stars rather than his artistic legacy, and there was nothing like the fuss made over Benny Goodman's death in 1986. But mull... More >>>