In a hallway at Performance Space 122, Melbourne native Vallejo Gantner searches for a surreptitious place to store the boxes ringing him. These particular boxes hold winter clothes and a computer. In Ireland there are more boxes (books, pictures, a bike, and fishing equipment); in Australia others (furniture, more pictures, more fishing equipment). His grandmother's place in New South Wales is home to his scuba gear, to say nothing of the camping equipment cached at his father's farm. And somewhere, Gantner can't remember where exactly, he's stashed half a dozen sofas. He looks over at some suitcases (summer clothes, Christmas presents) and admits, almost sheepishly, "I've been living a very nomadic life." But, he'll soon be settling down. Following a visit to Australia, the 30-year-old Gantner will assume the artistic directorship of P.S.122,... More >>>