A lot of people are angry at Christopher Hitchens. Since his much publicized split with his former comrades on the left, he's found himself in roughly the same spot as Dylan when he went electric. Past allies are now spitting mad, and like dilettante Mortal Kombat contenders, most Hitchens haters come at him with a predictable series of moves. There's the "he's a ranting drunkard" low kick, the "he's a neo-neocon former-socialist sellout" punch, and the "he's just being combative to make money on television" swing. He's been accused by Noam Chomsky of "expressing racist contempt for the African victims of a terrorist crime," namely the 1998 bombing of the al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan (which Hitchens condemned forcefully), and Tariq Ali wrote, "If Hitchens carries on in this vein, he'll soon find himself addressing the same gatherings as his sparring partner, Henry Kissinger." Knowing Hitchens's militant antagonism toward Kissinger, Ali's swipe aims deeper than... More >>>