Given that reggae has borrowed Zion, maybe the equation can go both ways? A recent crop of Israeli-bred beats is refracting through the idioms pioneered by Judaism's estranged black brothers and sisters: a bit of Jamaica, lots of rap and funk. Recently subject to outside attention with a summer festival in Prospect Park that paired Israeli and Palestinian MCs, Israeli rap in America is the stuff of JDate's junior set and of journalists looking for a new angle on the bloodbath. Despite a loyal core following of these rappers' peers, anecdotal evidence suggests that the average age of Israeli rap fans at home is about 11. Dominating the scene is Koby Shimoni, also known as Subliminal, a Star of David-brandishing, right-wing creature who fancies himself Israel's patriotic Eminem. The sprawling, seven- to nine-man Hadag Nachash would like to be the Roots. So far, Hadag Nachash hold the record on songs we chosen people aren't embarrassed to play in... More >>>