If there's a better villainess than the corporate multimillionaire who flouts the rules to save a few bucks, it's the defense lawyer who flouts the rules by claiming a higher duty to her terrorist client. Their convictions matter differently in important ways, but Martha Stewart and Lynne Stewart illuminate just how full the extent of the law can get in the conservative 2000s. Similarities only begin with the coincidence of the name. The unusually zealous federal prosecutions of the two ultimately drive home the same message: Grandiosity can be fatal. It is important, of course, not to let resemblances obscure a key difference between the two Stewarts. Martha was punished in her role as an obscenely wealthy stock market gamer, someone society needn't worry about too much. Lynne was punished in her role as a staunch advocate who would stand between a politically odious client and the awesome powers of the U.S. Department of Justice, someone a free society should care... More >>>