"I just thought it was something that needed to be said" is what Rudolf Stingel answered when I asked him if his current show was an homage to his dealer, Paula Cooper. Whether it needed saying or not, Stingel says it in his usual no-nonsense, dazzlingly beautiful way. For his sixth show with Cooper since 1994, Stingel—who would be among my first picks for the next Whitney Biennial—has left this temple-like space empty except for a gallery-wide floor made of white painted particleboard. On the far wall is an enormous black-and-white painting of a gorgeous dark-haired woman. The photograph this painting is based on was taken by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1984. The painting, as proficient as any photo-realist canvas, is by Stingel. The woman is Paula Cooper. The overall effect is celebratory, revelatory, sly, and adds up to one of the best... More >>>