EPs below by the Fame (hereby recommended to people who miss .38 Special, the Babys, Rick Springfield, and Bedford girls) and the Mattoid have six short songs each, making classification easy; Eyeball Skeleton's has nine, so I had to resort to the old Pazz & Jop three-or-more-songs-in-under-25-minutes rule. (Additionally, two-thirds of the band is under 11 years old. Kids are fast!) As for Leatherface, at first I wondered why such chunky homely balding immobile lager lumpenproles crossing early Hüsker Dü and early Clash into hopeless titles like "Dead Industrial Atmosphere" would need a DVD, but the good-natured male-bonding visuals get less dreary as the louts in the crowd get drunker. First encore: "You Are My Sunshine." Second:... More >>>