The mega-club dance music scene is tough to mockumentarize. The excesses of Ibiza bacchanals have been highly self-parodic right from the jump-off. And those fans and DJs who take their trancey transcendence quite seriously may be beyond the reach of satire. But neither that nor the fact that the scene is well past its late-'90s heyday ever dampens Canadian Michael Dowse's exuberant desire to poke belated fun. In his festival crowd-pleaser, what's all gone Pete Tong (i.e., "wrong" in rhyme slang) is the career of DJ Frankie Wilde, a super-stoned deity of the Pacha decks. As embodied by the charismatic Brit Paul Kaye, known for his long-running role as TV's cheeky celebrity interviewer Dennis Pennis, Wilde is a gold-toothed, projectile-puking party machine touting his flip-flop collection when he's not sailing triumphantly over the heads of adoring clubbers in a... More >>>