How long has it been since the collectors who purchased Toland Grinnell's wall assemblages have handled their own brooms and bottles of laundry detergent, items which appear in these works encircled in neon, surrounded by ads, and exploding with a mad, pop energy? The former wunderkind continues to mine the field of consumer desire, leaving behind his preoccupation with luxury goods to explore the twin cults of order and cleanliness. Personally, I'm more comfortable with an art that mocks aficionados of Louis Vuitton than one that makes fun of people eager to save $30 on a laser printer; the combination of cheap stuff and high production values here seems snide, but I was won over by a large vitrine crammed with household gadgets neatly arrayed like a domestic arsenal. Who before Grinnell has pondered the Quickie mop's kinky... More >>>