Will there be an Off-Broadway to honor with awards in 50 years? Being asked to ponder the question pulls my mind back to 50 years ago. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn't working here when the Obies began, but I was an alert child, growing up in what was then and still is a big theater town, Chicago. When I got to New York in 1962, a very green Midwestern college kid, I had heard of Off-Broadway (Off-Off-Broadway had barely been born), and had even seen a few of its products. I knew, mainly, that it was somehow different from Broadway. And although I liked Broadway, I also liked the idea that something different was available: not better, not worse; different. America seemed to me then, and still does seem, despite the divisive time we're living through, a nation about difference, by which I mean one in which differences are a cause for celebration, not a cue for hostility, and... More >>>