It's New Year's Eve, and teenage Katya (Natalia Zvereva) hasn't finished the essay for her college application, which must be postmarked by midnight. Her adoptive mother, Maggie (Dianne Wiest), an ex-dancer who now works an office drudge job, is baking a blueberry pie. Maggie's offstage ex-hubby, a politically correct academic, has been encouraging Katya to see herself as a victim: Russian-born, she was acquired at age four from an orphanage in Omsk—either rescued from misery or torn from her suffering homeland by capitalist opportunism, depending on how you look at it. Rebellious, super-smart Katya hates the new bullying America but feels no connection to Putin's Russia; unsure about going to college, she thinks about dropping out and heading back to Russia. Maggie naturally wants her to finish the application, but Katya just can't see... More >>>