Maybe it's just my imagination or my warming up to the genre's shtick over time, but I swear that all those industrial/electronic body muzik/ darkwave creeps don't try nearly as hard and stupidly to sound "decadent" and "transgressive" as they used to back in their puppy-skinning Wax Trax late '80s. Somewhere along the line, they also learned to write extremely pretty melodies. Maybe someday all those reggaetón bodybuilders will learn to do the same. Or maybe they already have, and I just haven't noticed. Sometimes I think I'm the only person around who likes the idea of reggaetón better than the actual music. Then again, I never liked El General as much as Lisa M in the first place. And like Rancid's Tim Armstrong and his about-to-be-screwed-and-chopped-by-Paul-Wall Transplants seem to, I kinda miss all those old-school Latin linguists like Proper Dos and Lighter Shade of Brown and A.L.T. & the Lost Civilization. Does reggaetón have equivalents? If... More >>>